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Selecting a defense attorney is one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make. We handle cases like yours on a daily basis. Working with Lewin Law Group ensures that you are in qualified, trusted and capable hands.

Aggressive Los Angeles Criminal Defense

As a leading Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Chad Lewin provides criminal defense for all Misdemeanor and Felony Charges. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your criminal arrest, this will no doubt be one of the more stressful experiences that you will ever encounter. Not only does a criminal arrest affect you, but it also affects your loved ones as well. While this can be a trying time, it is important that you understand how vital the proper criminal legal representation can mean for your criminal case and your future.

Chad Lewin prides himself on the care that he provides each individual client. At Lewin Law Group you are not just another case number, you are not pushed under a pile of folders on an associate’s desk. Chad will personally handle your case from start to finish. Your fear, anxiety, and concern is understandable, you may feel as though the cards are stacked against you, however, when you retain Chad, rest assured that every element of your case is reviewed by Chad and investigated thoroughly so that you can have the best possible outcome.

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Every case is different, however, having regularly and successfully fought charges that range from theft, to assault to murder, there is no element of criminal law that Chad has not won a fight against. Chad undertakes critical care of your case and works to provide the best possible resolution to your charges that conclude in your favor.

Benefit From A Dedicated An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

While reputation is not the measure by which the standard you live by is calculated, when it comes to criminal charges and dealing with criminal courts, your criminal defense attorney’s experience and reputation can very well be a contributing factor in how successfully your case is received by the courts. Chad Lewin has a stellar reputation for defending his clients in front of Los Angeles Criminal Courts and has one won some of the most difficult cases simply because he refuses to quit and fights through every possible channel and avenue that is available for you and your loved ones.

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The Advantage Of Hiring Chad Lewin

Chad’s approach to law is different than most in his field. He is calculated and technical in the manner in which he approaches every detail of your case. In fact, Chad’s advantage as a UCLA Law School graduate who clerked for the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office means that he has a wider scope on the other side of the spectrum. Chad Lewin has a unique vantage point and a distinctive insight having had the opportunity and experience to see the other side of criminal law cases from the prosecution’s end. He is equipped with the knowledge and skill of how the prosecution approaches every aspect of a criminal case, as a result of this experience, Chad is always one step ahead of the fray.

Consider that your attorney is your partner in the fight of your life and in the most serious of circumstances, you want someone who is respected for his craft that can get ahead of your legal defense from day one.

Criminal Defense For Federal And State Courts In Los Angeles

Chad is an accomplished attorney in the Los Angeles legal community with extensive criminal defense experience in both the Federal and State Courts in Los Angeles. He knows the system, provides a well-crafted legal strategy and executes your defense with an ease that comes naturally. The more powerful a defense you have in your corner, the better your chances are. Those that work with Chad Lewin understand that he is a very dedicated and caring attorney who guides you seamlessly through the criminal process, but more importantly, he is also your toughest defender.

Los Angeles DUI Charges

Were you arrested for a DUI In Los Angeles or the surrounding communities? DUI Offenses are taken very seriously in the state of Los Angeles.

Regardless of whether this was you first arrest, now is not the time to take it lightly. While a misdemeanor sounds minor, the fact is that if you are a professional or intend on furthering your career and education, a criminal arrest is a blemish that you do not want on your permanent record. The effects of DUI Charge can reverberate well into your future.

Most people are under the impression that a DUI is strictly related to driving under the influence of alcohol. The fact is that you can end up with a DUI charge if you have been found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both.

First Time DUI Charges

If you are facing your first DUI, you may be subject to criminal and los-angeles-criminal-arrestadministrative penalties. A first time DUI is considered a misdemeanor in Los Angeles. If you are found guilty of a DUI here’s a basic layout of what you may expect to encounter:

  • Fines and Penalties of up to $1000
  • Assessment Fees
  • Up to 6 Months In Jail or Probation
  • License Suspension of up to 6 months

If Probation Is Granted:

  • Zero drinking and driving. Period.
  • Cooperation with field alcohol tests by law enforcement should they require you to do so.
  • Stay out of legal trouble outside of minor traffic violations.
  • Possible participation in a Victims Impact Panel

Your final period of suspension may be extended depending on the total administrative and criminal penalties, each is independent of the other and may overlap. You may be able to qualify for a restricted license.

Sex Crimes In Los Angeles

We’re you charged with sexual assault or battery? The accusation alone is terrifying. Being accused of a sex crime can leave a lifetime stain on your name and reputation. Not only is your immediate life and future flung into a tailspin, the idea of a lifetime registration as a sex offender is devastating.

Basic Overview

The general understanding of a sex charge results from the accusation of unwanted touching of another persons intimate body parts. Often there may be a misunderstanding or even a false claim made. Regardless of whether or not the act actually took place, a person can be charged on the simple word of another. This makes the charges are very painful.

If you are convicted of a sex crime you may be facing:

  • A sexual battery charge (Misdemeanor) with you to six months of jail time.
  • Monetary fines of up to $3000.
  • Sexual battery charges (Felony) with up to 4 years in prison depending on the charges levied and up to $10,000 in fines, incremental based on charges.

Get ahead of sexual assault and battery charges, contact Chad Lewin today to begin your defense and clear your name.

Domestic Violence Charges In Los Angeles

Were you or a loved one charged with domestic violence?

A simple disagreement can easily escalate to into an argument and an argument can snowball into accusations of domestic violence. It’s one thing to take time out to calm a situation down and an entirely different story to involve law enforcement.

The minute a call is placed to 911, everything changes. Once an arrest deriving out of that 911 call is made, it’s too late. Additional charges with more serious penalties may follow such as, child abuse and spousal abuse, not to mention restraining orders that will separate you from your loved ones.

There is no way to undo the damage of the accusation, the best chance you have is with an attorney who is experienced with domestic violence charges.

What Is Considered Domestic Violence?

The name implies violence against one whom you are married to, however, in the state of Los Angeles domestic violence refers to a criminal act against any of the following:

  • your spouse or a former spouse
  • a domestic partner or former domestic partner
  • a boyfriend/girlfriend or the former
  • a current or former roommate
  • a family member
  • someone with whom you have a child in common

If convicted, depending on the extent of the charges, you may face jail time and fines. Imprisonment can be up to one year in county jail or up to four years in a state prison. The fines can be anywhere from $1000 to $6000. Both fines and penalties are incremental depending on any additional charges. There is also the possibility of probation as well as enrollment in counseling.

Let Chad fight for you and your family, do not try to negotiate domestic violence charges on your own.


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