Arson Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

California Penal Code Section 451 PC and 452 PC
When a person intentionally burns any kind of building, structure, or home it is considered the criminal act of arson. An individual can face arson charges for burning either property or land. If as a result of starting a fire individuals die in the fire, the suspected arsonist can be charged with murder.

Over the last decade, arson has garnered massive attention with the media and law enforcement. Fires set by arsonists have destroyed thousands of acres of land and cost the federal government billions of dollars. As a result, law enforcement agencies are taking these cases very seriously and prosecutors are harshly sentencing arsonists. In addition to these forest fire cases, many people are suspected of arson for insurance fraud cases. When a defendant commits arson for insurance fraud, or to purposedly destroy evidence of a crime, they can be charged with arson and insurance fraud, in addition to other possible charges.

Ramifications of Arson Charges

Arson is punished severely, including the possibility of life in prison if someone died as a result of the arson. Even in cases where no person is physically hurt, prosecutors ask for years in prison, and a serious felony conviction. Restitution is also demanded, to pay for the damage that has been done.

We Can Help!

Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys have a long track record of dramatic results in arson cases. Our defense strategies and our experienced arson trial attorneys have saved our clients from convictions and years of prison time. Oftentimes we utilize expert witnesses to indicate that the fire was accidental, and not in fact arson, which is a complete defense to the crime of arson. Other defense strategies include alibi defenses and arguments that our client did not commit the crime.

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