Los Angeles Kidnapping Charges

(Kidnapping Penal Code 207,208,209)

Kidnapping is a severe crime in California that according to penal code 207 is described as a person who either by physical force, attribution of fear, confinement, or restraint of any individual and transports that person out of their city, state, or county to another location may be found guilty of the crime of kidnapping.

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Kidnapping 101 Examples

  • Forcible Kidnapping: taking an individual by physically forcing them to get into a vehicle with you.
  • Kidnapping through fear & intimidation: threatening someone to get into a vehicle either with or without a weapon.
  • Kidnapping by Confinement: locking someone in a room can also be considered a form of kidnapping.
  • Kidnapping by restraint: you can be guilty of kidnapping if you confine someone by restraining them.

The above are limited scope examples as kidnapping is covered by three distinct penal codes.

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Kidnapping Fines & Penalties In Los Angeles

If you are found guilty of Kidnapping in the state of California, you may be facing aggressive penalties and fines. Kidnapping is considered a high offense subject under the offense of a Felony charge. There are various degrees of charges depending on the details surrounding the events. Charges are incremental based on other elements of the charges such as; sexual assault, age of the victim, etc.

  • Imprisonment: kidnapping will be classified based on the alleged crime and as a result, you can be convicted of either Simple Kidnapping or an Aggravated Kidnapping. In addition, you may be subjected to a charge under the Three Strikes law which can lead to a 25-year prison sentence. The period of imprisonment will be adjudicated as to the number of overall charges and circumstances surrounding your case.
  • Financial penalties (Fines): the fine for kidnapping charges can be $10,000 or more depending on the exact number of charges levied against you.

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In cases where probation is a possibility, you may be able to avoid jail time by complying with court restrictions and conditions, this may be a long term program and any failure to comply can result in the institution of the full prison sentence as well as additional fines and penalties.

Kidnapping Defenses

The more common defense to kidnapping charges is that of consent.  In the case of consent, there can be no kidnapping charges. This often occurs in the example of a friend or relative asking to leave or be dropped off in a situation where you as the host or driver find that you cannot facilitate the leave or the drop-off due to time, weather conditions etc. The other and less common defense is that of coercion. Coercion is when someone threatened you and coerced you to commit the crime of kidnapping

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