Los Angeles Robbery Attorneys

Robbery (Penal Code 211 PC) is the taking of personal property in the possession of another from his person and against his will by force or fear. Robbery is considered a felony in all states. Armed robbery involves the use of a gun, which carries severe mandatory sentence enhancements.

Most people think of robbery as “stick-em up” give me your money. But there are plenty of robberies without guns as well. For example, one person could rip off the jewelry of another and be accused of robbery, someone could take an old lady’s purse by ripping it out of her hand and be accused of robbery.

Ramifications of Robbery Charges

Robbery is punished severely in criminal courts. Often, the defendant is charged with multiple counts of robbery if more than one person was present when they allegedly robbed them. Use of a gun usually carries a significant prison term enhancement. As a serious violent felony, law enforcement and prosecutors go after these convictions with a vengeance.

Our Los Angeles Defense Lawyers Can Help!

Our Los Angeles theft lawyers have a long track record of fantastic results in robbery cases. Our defense strategies and our experienced robbery trial attorneys have saved our clients from convictions and years of prison time. One of the keys to a successful robbery defense is pre trial investigation. Effective investigation can uncover prosecution missteps, identify exculpatory evidence and allow the use of tools such as DNA analysis and polygraph tests. We incorporate private investigators, expert witnesses and experienced attorneys to give you the best chance of defeating these serious charges.