Los Angeles Identity Theft Defense Attorneys

As the popularity of computers and the internet has skyrocketed, so too has identity theft. Identity theft refers to the using of another person’s identity (such as name, social security number or credit card number) without that person’s consent. This is typically done to commit fraud or steal. While use of a computer to commit identity theft is common, there are other ways of stealing someone’s identity that are also illegal and prosecuted.

What Are the Consequences of Identity Theft?

Identity theft affects the lives of millions of people. It ruins peoples credit, and sometimes it wipes out their bank accounts too. Seeing this destruction, law enforcement officials are vigorously and harshly penalizing defendants accused of identity theft.

Identity theft criminal penalties can be severe, including years and years in prison. It often depends on the value of the property that is stolen. If the amount is small, and restitution is made to the victim, it can be charged as a misdemeanor. But if the monetary amount is large and the damage to the victim great, it can be a felony and involve a lengthy prison sentence.

There are other consequences of a conviction for identity theft (or any theft crime for that matter). An identity theft conviction can greatly limit your employment options. If you have a professional license (real estate agent, nurse, doctor, lawyer, etc), you may lose it when the licensing board finds out you’ve been convicted of a theft crime. If you are not a US citizen, there may be some immigration consequences. Your personal and professional reputation may be irreparably damaged.

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Theft crimes defense is a highly specialized area of criminal defense and requires very specific techniques and experience. An effective defense team often employs private investigators, forensic accountants, psychological analysis, computer experts, expert witnesses and an attorney with the experience to use all of these tools in the most effective manner. Sometimes we bring all of these forces together to mount a formidable defense to the charges. Other times, we aim to keep this a “civil” rather than criminal matter and negotiate with the accuser to pay back the theft over time, keeping our client out of custody and without a conviction.