Drug Cultivation Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Drug cultivation (CA Health & Safety Code Section 11358) refers to every person who plants, cultivates, harvests dries,Marijuana Cultivation Arrest In Los Angeles or processes any marijuana or any part thereof, except as otherwise provided by law.

Ramifications of Drug Cultivation Charges In Los Angeles

Many people are under the false impression that they can legally grow their own marijuana in Los Angeles if they possess a medical marijuana prescription. ATTENTION: The Federal government does not recognize the legal possession or growth of marijuana for medical purposes. The Supreme Court has overruled state medical marijuana laws. Therefore, growth or cultivation of marijuana, even for medical purposes, is still regarded as a Federal Crime.

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Citizens who may be involved in the possession or distribution of drugs in Los Angeles are favorite targets of prosecutors because drug convictions in Los Angeles tend to be easier to get than other types of crimes. The prevalence of drug use leads many people to assume drug charges are minor, “victimless” crimes.

On the contrary, drug crimes have among the most aggressive sentencing guidelines in the criminal justice system. Even minor possession charges can result in a criminal record, loss of your drivers’ license and difficulty in keeping or getting jobs. Convictions on possession of controlled substances or on selling or trafficking drugs can result in long prison times with mandatory sentencing guidelines. This is why drug charges in Los Angeles must be fought with an extremely skilled and vigorous defense.

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The most common approach to drug crimes defense in Los Angeles is to get the charges dismissed or substantially reduced without a trial. Pre trial defense strategies usually center around the suppression or handling of evidence. This requires more than just knowledge of the law. It requires specific experience in drug related defense strategies backed by forensic experts who can conduct the research necessary for a successful defense.

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Drug charges are aggressively prosecuted in Los Angeles and carry severe penalties. Just a few grams of some substances can result in years in prison.

Unlike many other types of crimes, Los Angeles drug charges can result in federal prosecution. The federal government has an entire agency dedicated solely to pursuing drug convictions. It is critical that you determine whether you are facing federal charges or under federal investigation. Even a charge made by your state can later be handed to the federal government. If so, you need a Los Angeles drug charge attorney experienced in the Federal Court System.

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