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Can a Police Officer Charge Me With Multiple Offenses After a DUI?

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you’re pulled over for drinking and driving, chances are high that you’ll be charged with another criminal offense too. Here’s what you should know about defending yourself against multiple charges and how a lawyer can help increase your chances of a favorable outcome. 

Why Defendants Often Face More Than One Criminal Charge 

When a law enforcement officer stops a driver based on a suspected DUI, they are likely to be on the lookout for any other charges they can include along with driving under the influence. The more charges against you, the higher fines and penalties you will face, which may help officers meet certain interdepartmental goals or quotas. 

What Criminal Charges Are Most Often Tacked Onto a DUI? 

The most common charges that are paired with a DUI in California include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Child endangerment. If you were pulled over for a DUI and you had a child in your vehicle, you may be charged with child endangerment. You likely face a separate investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), even if you are later found not guilty. 
  • Reckless driving. If you were speeding, weaving across the road, or otherwise driving dangerously, you may also be charged with reckless driving in addition to drinking and driving. 
  • Open container of alcohol. If a police officer finds open beer bottles or liquor containers in your vehicle, even if they’re out of reach, you will likely also be charged with having an open container. 

Potential Defenses for Multiple Offenses 

Ideally, your attorney will be able to help you strategize a defense that results in the dismissal of all charges, or a not guilty verdict if the charges stick. For example, if your lawyer can provide evidence that the officer did not have the legal right to stop your vehicle to begin with, it may be possible for all charges to be dismissed. 

How an Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Can Fight For You 

It’s critical that you reach out for legal assistance from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as you can after being arrested for drinking and driving. Contact Chad Lewin at the Lewin Law Group now to schedule your consultation and begin going over the facts of your case. Call now for your appointment by dialing (800) 458-1488.

By : Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Lewin | September 14, 2021 | DUI
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