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Chad Saved My Life!

Chad saved my life…more specifically, my sanity, job, house, marriage, and legal record! I was facing a felony charge originally, which he got dismissed very quickly with the District Attorney. After that, the City Attorney charged me with 4 misdemeanors that had a mandatory sentence of 90 days in jail, and a maximum of 4 years in jail. Chad worked tirelessly with the City Attorney’s office, his investigators, and his legal team to research and find every argument they could to set the record straight and get me out of this bind. In the end, Chad got me an amazing deal, better than I thought I could get. He got 3 of the most serious charges against me dropped, and I am able to move ahead in life, never spending a day in jail!

The best aspects of hiring Chad was that he made me feel like I was a true friend (although we were complete strangers) throughout the process. He didn’t talk to me in a business like fashion, he talked to me like I was a human being that he cared about; he listened! The day after my arrest, I called 6 lawyers. I left messages on voicemail or with secretaries with most, but when I called Chad, he answered personally. Most of the other attorney’s called me back the next day. He maintained constant communication with any updates or changes, and walked me through the whole process.

During our first conversation after my arrest, to have a lawyer as experienced and knowledgeable as Chad instantly take my side, and provide concern for my situation gave me the most overwhelming sense of protection I had ever felt.

I can’t thank Chad enough for what he did for my family and me, and while I hope I never have to hire him again, if I ever had someone I care about in a legal bind, I would recommend Chad without hesitation! THANK YOU CHAD!

By : Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Lewin | May 7, 2020 |
LosAngeles Criminal Defense Lawyer