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Thank You !! Chad, you saved my Future !! from FALSE Domestic Violence Case

I had lost all hope that I would get through my horrible Domestic Violence case that I have been falsely accused with. Before I met Chad and his incredible team not only got me through the process, but I was able to get all my rights back.

I am a non-US citizen and I knew nothing about the legislation in the USA my GF knew that and trapped me in a bad situation. However Chad had to sit with me and collect every evidence I had and speak to my witnesses and worked very hard to help me out. He could’ve forgot all about me when I was away but guess what he did not !! he even felt more responsible and fought for my case harder.

I can not explain how this man saved my future and life and know one will ever understand what I mean !! he never told me I will win the case !! but he assured me that he will give me the best result.

Although many others told me we they will win the case I did not trust them I felt they just want me to sign the papers and hire them. Chad was different he explained my to me, how he will fight my case which evidence he will use and how he will ended it up for my favor without any empty promises

Thank you Chad for giving my case your personal attention and getting me my life back!

By : Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Lewin | May 7, 2020 |
LosAngeles Criminal Defense Lawyer