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What Is an Effective Alibi?

One of the easiest defenses to use in a criminal case is that of an alibi. An alibi simply means that you have evidence of being in another location or with another person when the alleged crime was said to have occurred. This usually means that it would have been impossible for you to have committed the crime. 

Here are a few examples of effective alibis and what to do to get legal support after being charged with a crime.

Evidence You Could Not Have Been At the Crime Scene 

The most effective forms of alibi are tangible records that prove you were somewhere else, like: 

Paper Receipts 

A paper store receipt or a record of a credit card transaction that has the date and time on it can be a powerful piece of evidence that clears your name, proving that you were somewhere else entirely when the alleged crime was committed.

Surveillance Video 

Video footage is a highly compelling alibi, similar to a paper receipt, that can provide proof you couldn’t possibly have committed the crime because you were caught on camera somewhere else. Talk to the owner or manager of any establishments you were at when the crime in question was allegedly committed and request any surveillance footage they have from that time and date.

Social Media Posts 

You may be able to use your social media posts as an alibi if you posted an Instagram or Snapchat story or “checked in” at a different place other than the crime scene at the same time the crime was supposedly committed. Even if you were alone and there isn’t anyone else who can testify to where you were, your cell phone’s GPS may provide enough evidence. 

Third-Party Witness Testimony  

If someone was with you, however, obtaining their testimony — either written or under oath — can be helpful in your case. Even if it’s not enough to stand against other, more compelling evidence against you, it may be just enough to raise doubt and avoid a guilty verdict. 

Create a Formidable Alibi With the Help of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Arguably, a good alibi is one of the most effective ways to create doubt in the prosecution’s case against you or even flat-out prove your innocence. However, you need the help of an experienced attorney to be successful. Contact Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Chad Lewin for an appointment at (800) 458-1488.

By : Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Lewin | April 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense
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